Thank you for visiting Stop the Lies project. Our main goal is to attract and gather the best scientists and find the solutions which will help to detect lies with high
Facts about what's happening at the moment because of lies:
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Read true stories about how lies ruined lives, and what we can change:
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Our mission:
Our mission is to find a trustworthy method that will really detect lies with high accuracy and save lives of those,
who suffer daily from the non-punishable lying. We offer management help to all stakeholders
in this research to make the technology accessible worldwide.

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How you can help:
Any assistance is higly appreciated. We are actively searching for volunteers and mentors.
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Build step by step instructions on how to get the technology accepted in the scientific community
Build step by step instructions following Frye and Daubert criteria on how to get the technology accepted in court
Prepare contracts for companies and private case people
Journalism and Private Investigation
Help with finding the cases and people who are currently struggling because of lies and are ready for an fMRI brain scan
Find the best channel to attract the attention of society
Marketing Customer Development
Understand the market size and target audience
Find the source of customer attraction
Calculate the final cost of attracting customers
Prepare a script to communicate with the customers
Enterprise (CEOs and CSOs)
Provide support and networking for the first customers

Social Media Specialist
Manage social media accounts
Post on a regular basis on all platforms
Prepare caption and photo material for the posts
Use relevant features to target the right audience and get more followers
Search for bloggers who have encountered lie issues
Cooperate with influencers
Digital Marketing Specialist
Find the target audience
Work with Google AdWords
Create landing pages
Test advertising campaigns
Law Assistant
Follow the step by step instruction to meet
Frye and Daubert criteria
Manufacturers of 3-TESLA MRI scanner:
Provide the equipment for clinical trials
Provide support for the creation and education of a neural network to completely eliminate the human factor

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Let's stop the lies and save lives